Andrew Garfield Diet Plan


Andrew Russell Garfield was born on 20 August 1983 is a famous actor. His performance as Spider-Man/Peter Parker in the superhero film and in social network was well received for which he received Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations. Garfield was a gymnast and a swimmer during his early years. Garfield has been naturally blessed with a lean and toned body. Andrew Garfield is considered to be quite particular about his diet and workout routine. He changed his body from flabby to fit for his roles. Garfield has also quit smoking so that he can train harder.  Let’s checkout Andrew Garfield’s diet plan!

Height & Weight:

Andrew Garfield Height: 5′ 10.5″ (1.79 m)

Andrew Garfield Weight: 63 kg (138 lbs)

Andrew Garfield Diet Layout

Andrew Garfield workouts with weight training exercises such as chin-ups, squats, clean and press, chest work and lots of arm training. In addition to this is there will be plyometrics, such as clap push ups, squat jumps, box jumps and also sprint training to improve speed and power. He was allowed to eat only one piece of sushi a day. Garfield’s diet would most-likely revolve around lean sources of protein, such as chicken breast, and plenty of vegetables for the micronutrient resources. Fruit would be consumed at a minimum because they are a source of unnecessary sugar.

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Andrew Garfield Diet Foods


Andrew Garfield takes proteins paired with carbs for breakfast, like a large omelette with a smaller bowl of oatmeal.


Andrew Garfield lunch is well-balanced, with lean protein and veggies. In lunch he eats chicken and broccoli with a salad as salads give strength to the bones and build up the muscles.


Garfield favorite dinner is bulgogi, which is a Korean dish.

Key features of Andrew Garfield’s diet

  1. Andrew stayed away from calories by eating fruits and vegetables and avoiding junk food.
  2.  He also took protein supplements to aid in his muscle growth and took supplements before working out to preserve muscle mass. During workout days he drinks 2 glass of protein in a day.
  3. He starts each workout with 20 minutes of cardio to work on your endurance and get your muscles warmed up.
  4. Andrew Garfield’s exercise routine, he does pilates daily that boosts his level of strength and flexibility.
  5. Garfield’s main exercise routine involves increasing his muscle mass through weigh training. This involves doing chin-ups, squats, clean and press, chest work and lots of arm training.
  6.  He does plyometrics which includes clap push ups, squat jumps, box jumps and also sprint training which both increases his speed and power.
  7. He eats minimum fruits as they are supply of unnecessary sugar in the body.
  8. Andrew Garfield’s diet involves a strict diet to keep him in shape  loves eating a lot of sushi that is rich in protein, low in fat, as well as regarded a low energy food.

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