Chris Hemsworth Diet Plan

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Born on august 11, 1983, Chris Hemsworth is an Australian actor who is renowned for his roles in The Avengers, Thor, Star Trek, Rush and many more.

Chris has usually portrayed the roles wherein he plays a role of huge built man. He has to maintain his beefy godlike body with intensive workout and diet supplements. Chris Hemsworth’s diet is full of calories and huge amount of intakes of carbs.

Height & Weight:

Chris Hemsworth Height: 6’ 2” (1.9 m)

Chris Hemsworth Weight: 190 kg (86lbs)

Chris Hemsworth Diet Layout

He feeds basically on proteins and chicken breasts, fish, vegetables, brown rice and steak. His water intake is about 5 litres in a day time.

He believes that the diet intake for every person must be tailored according to personal needs and body physique.

The best way to build up macho body is to eat, work out and sleep. Though the type of food in diet must be carefully chosen and so should be the workout schedule.

Chris Hemsworth Diet Foods

chris hemsworth body in Thor

Breakfast: Diet includes about 7 eggs along with 2 yolks, 100 grams of oats and some fruit. It is followed by a morning snack of meal replacement shake along with 100 grams of oats.

Lunch: Chris’s lunch diet includes either 2 chicken breasts or beef steak. It is taken with baked potato or brown rice and some green veggies and a sugar free drink to go good. It is followed by afternoon snack of Tuna with wholegrain sub and some lemon juice.

Dinner: Dinner includes steak or fish along with wheat pasta and veggies. It is followed by protein shake.

Key features of Chris Hemsworth’s diet

  • Huge intakes of protein filled meals.
  • Diet has been couturier according to his body needs and the role he portrays.
  • Chris maintains his diet in a strict manner.

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