Ryan Gosling Diet Plan


Ryan Thomas Gosling was born November 12, 1980. Ryan is a Canadian actor, director, writer and musician. He began his career as a child star. Gosling came to the attention of a wider audience in 2004 with a leading role in the romantic drama The Notebook, for which he won four Teen Choice Awards and an MTV Movie Award.  One of the reasons behind his big success is because he has a very lean and ripped body. He is regarded as one of the most desired male. Gosling can be certainly regarded as the actor of this generation. Ryan Gosling added solid muscle to the right areas. He packed on muscle to his chest perfectly especially his upper chest. Let’s checkout Ryan Gosling diet plan.

Height & Weight:

Ryan Gosling Height: 6 feet (1.84 m)

Ryan Gosling Weight: 78 kg (171 lbs)

Ryan Gosling Diet Layout

Ryan Gosling goes to gym 4-5 days a week for about 2 hours. He is training hard to get in shape. He was skinny guy as a teenager and now his body is a result of his dedication and workouts. a strict routine of weight training was followed where he lift weights about three to four times weekly.  Ryan followed a strict weight training routine that had him lifting weights 3-4 times per week. The routine mainly consisted of weights lifted in the 5-8 rep range with a few exercises done in ht 10 rep ranges. Ryan Gosling Builds up the shoulders with a lot of volume and variety – seated dumbbell presses, lateral raises, front raises and rear delts.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling Diet Foods


In breakfast Ryan eat whole grain bread for carbohydrates. He also drinks protein shakes as they strengthens the muscles.


In lunch he takes chicken and eats natural and fresh food.


In dinner he takes more of a Thai diet: green vegetables, rice and fish. The reason that he ate fish is because fish is very high in Omega-3 fatty acids and that is essential for the human body to function properly. Also, fish is a very good protein source.

Key features of Ryan Gosling diet

  1. His training involved learning the various moves used in Muay Thai, such as roundhouse kicks, along with hand and elbow strikes.
  2. Ryan drinks at least half a gallon of water because water helps to stay hydrated, plus it also keeps his skin looking healthy.
  3. Ryan Gosling made sure that he ate healthy amounts of brown rice, whole grain breads, and whole wheat bagels for carbs sources.
  4. He made sure that he cut out all forms of sugars and junk food and also tried to drink a lot of water.
  5. His workout includes Barbell squat, reverse dumbbell lunges, Bench press, Chin ups, Bicep curl, Triceps rope extension.
  6. Ryan Gosling stuck mostly to High Intensity Interval Training to tone his legs up and burn fat.

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